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Six years after releasing his first polo watch, Richard Mille returns to 1 of his favorite playing fields using the sporty and dynamic Richard Mille RM 007 Diamond Replica. The 2nd timepiece produced together with champion polo player Pablo Mac Donough may be the new RM 53-01 Tourbillon Pablo Mac Donough. Like its predecessor -the RM 007 from 2012-, the brand new timepiece is produced to resist the violent shocks suffered throughout a polo match, from falls to collisions to hammer strikes. However the technology used in the RM 53-01 is totally new to represent a global first for that watch industry.

The unparalleled laminated azure very combined with its Carbon TPT situation provides a breath-taking consider the watch's suspended tourbillon calibre. A brand new and sophisticated accoutrement with this sport. Launched some 2 yrs ago, the work to build up the Richard Mille RM 007 Replica returns towards the original-and apparently absurd- concept of getting Pablo Mac Donough, among the world's finest polo champions, put on a tourbillon calibre competing. That certain of polo's finest champions will be able to put on a wrist watch in the middle of play, along with a such as this one is in no way magic. Rather, it bespeaks many years of studies of methods a watch resists when faced with violent blows. Therefore, the brand new RM 007 fake was created having a single goal: which makes it very tough, while still seeing its calibre around the dial side.

Knowledgeable that regular azure very wouldn't supply the necessary resistance to arrive at agreeable impact of the polo hammer, engineers for that brand, collaborating with Stettler -a global famous azure specialist- required inspiration from current practices within the automotive realm to make a laminated glass.Utilization of this glass, made up of two sheets of azure glass separated with a thin Polyvinyl film, is really a horological first. When confronted with the strong shock wave created with a blow from the hammer, the glass will crack, but without ever shattering. With anti-reflective and Ultra violet coatings, this glass, which preserves the movement in the exterior atmosphere, is patented solely to Richard Mille.

Since shock may be the enemy of the tourbillon movement, Richard Mille made the decision to suspend the movement having a cable system much more sophisticated compared to the Richard Mille Rafa Nadal RM27-01. The atypical architecture of the design needed the development of two separate

Around the wrist, the Richard Mille RM 007 Replica wears in keeping with its size with incredible wrist presence, just due to realizing the task it symbolized to suspended its movement such manner and also the cost tag connected into it. Having a hint of celestial blue on its strap, crown and flange, it evokes the Argentinean flag and transports you to definitely the Calle Corrientes in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The brand new Richard Mille RM 53-01 can be obtained solely at Richard Mille boutiques worldwide inside a special edition of 30 pieces.